Small Homes

Simple design changes to regular housing can maintain density while bringing neighbors together.

The Small Homes project is one of several housing projects that Zion Foundation will help to facilitate in different communities. The idea of tiny homes meeting the most basic needs of small families and individuals is nothing new. These inexpensive homes are often mobile and there is a growing subculture around this lifestyle.

For those who want to put down permanent roots in a community, there is still enormous benefit to these smaller homes. For one, they are much more inexpensive and can still be purchased with a mortgage. These mortgage payments are much lower. This affordability not only helps those who just want to save money each month but can actually break the price barrier for those who cannot afford their own homes.

The Small Homes project aims to build sufficient space for anyone, even large families can enjoy these homes as the space is well-designed and common areas are leveraged such as laundry and cooking facilities, common parking and even community centers with space for entertainment.


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