Emergency Shelter

Few communities have the amenities to be able to provide shelter for the homeless. Some open their homes to others in times of extreme need and provide emergency assistance but, on their own, are unable to help as many as they would like.

We firmly believe that we can find the things that some people need among the things that we want. Foregoing an expensive meal out might feed a family in need. An extra car may temporarily become another’s only means of transportation. Seldom-used clothing could become the only barrier between someone and the elements.

Do you have a trailer, camper or RV you rarely use?

Our emergency shelter project will have everything a typical shelter will have: shelter, food, clothing, kind and thoughtful friends and security. However, these shelters will be portable such as old trailers, campers or RVs that find new life and appreciation as instead of housing your family for a weekend of fun, it provides sorely needed shelter from the elements and safe place to lay down at night.

This simple shelter, food and clothing can allow those in desperate situations the opportunity to rest, recuperate and pick themselves and their families back up. Together with community volunteers to love and help those in their extreme needs, even the most desperate can have hope, knowing that others care for, love and support them.


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