Local Leaders

One founding principle of Zion Foundation is that to make a community thrive, the existing people must be utilized to their fullest. Zion Foundation Directors create a single community council exclusively comprised of existing local leaders:

  • Leaders of religious congregations including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and any other sizable faith-based congregations. These leaders already know many of the spiritual and physical needs of their respective congregations.
  • Members of the local Chamber of Commerce and/or other business-oriented leaders, particularly those chosen by peer-nominated vote
  • Leaders/founders of locally-focused charities, clubs and associations
  • Other community leaders such as PTA and HOA elected leaders, elected city government officials, etc.
  • Our Community Director ensures decisions on expenditures comply with nonprofit state and federal law. They also ensure the council decisions are unanimous. Unity is crucial to our success as communities.
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