With our receipt of our Determination Letter from the IRS, Zion Foundation is officially recognized as federal tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3)! This milestone has been met with a lot of activity on our end as we look for ways to put the donations generous corporations, foundations and individuals give.

It is important to us to make sure that each activity we spend our resources on makes clear headway toward the goal of establishing Zion-like communities all around the world. As many people do as we head into the holiday season, if you’re looking to support a charitable cause, we are now accepting donations for help with the following projects in mind for 2018:

Local Zionation Projects

The primary goal of our group is to create Zion-like societies around the world, starting here in our own United States. We are currently piloting several programs across the US to identify the best places to begin these projects. They will include the formation of a Unity Council made up of existing community and faith leaders and funding of basic, local humanitarian services such as vocational and business education, community gardens and food banks, disaster preparation and cultural fairs, all aimed at bringing each targeted community closer together and more independent. We are currently exploring several cities in Texas, Florida, Indiana, Arizona, Utah, Montana and Oregon with many others in the works. Our goal is to have between 7 and 12 Zionation Projects identified by the end of 2018 with at least 3 functioning Unity Councils.

Tiny house manufacturing & financing

Tiny homes provide a path to lower income families to begin building a family legacy

Seeking multiple sites in the Western United States as pilots (where there is more availability of cheaper, open flat land). We are exploring the viability of standard stick built vs shipping containers as a base. One goal of our Zionation Project is to bring manufacturing jobs to these communities and this would be one of many options to take to one of these communities.

Emergency Shelter

Temporary, portable shelters warehoused around the country that have full cooking and sanitation requirements. The goal is to provide cheap, sturdy, temporary housing for extreme albeit temporary needs. It may be in the form of some of the tiny homes but will primarily come from rehabilitated travel trailers, fifth wheels and RVs. These will go to the Zionation communities after refurbishment and will be administered by the local Unity Councils.

Clinic Fleet

In an effort to create ready access to healthcare, Zion Foundation will outfit and staff local volunteer medical professionals. Starting with urgent care and later moving to dentistry, physical therapy/chiropractic care, dialysis, first aid/CERT training, etc. These resources would be shared with other Zionation sites on a rotational basis as they work to build up their own more permanent resources. This fleet could also be redirected in response to neighboring disasters and provide a point of community outreach.

And we need your help to do it all!

There are many more things we want to work on and some are still in their conceptual phases. We need your help! Please head on over to our donation page and give what you can. For those with experience in community outreach programs or other related fields who feel compelled to seek opportunities to give of your time, please Contact Us.

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